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The end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009 has been really busy, but that hasn’t kept me from finding the interesting bits for you… is a round up of what I found!!!


MediaGuardian – US election boosts traffic for UK newspaper websites

YahooTech – Will Google and Microsoft Own the Web? (PC World)

Gigaon – Even Bigger Nightmare On Tech Street

New York Times – Music Games for iPhone Give Artists New Spotlight

MediaGuardian – Pull out of Project Kangaroo, broadcasters told

Mashable – My 2008 Predictions Rocked; So What’s On Tap for Next Year?

BBCNews – Phones and fines top media’s 2008

BBCNews – Duffy and Burke top 2008 charts

Mashable – Twitter Relaunches Blazing Fast People Search

Mashable – HOW TO: Simplify

MediaGuardian – UK housewives are world’s top internet surfers

Mashable – Make Your Own Online Newspaper With Feed Chronicle

Mashable – HOW TO: Give Back With Social MicroFunding in 2009

BBCNews – Who on earth is Matt Smith?

BBCNews – Hit series Damages returns to BBC

BBCNews – Electric dreams for pop in 2009

InformITV – TVBLOB develops BLOBbox to bring web to TV

InformITV – Long tail fails to stand up to online reality test


GadgetLabs – 3D Live Events Are Coming To a Theater Near You. Do You Care?

MediaMonkey – Who are these people? It’s the new cast of Skins

OrganGrinder – What should the media resolutions be for 2009?

OrganGrinder – The 10 Best US TV shows of 2008

PDA – The forecast for 2009: Amee’s Gavin Starks thinks the future is bright for clean tech


Roomatic – Create a chat room with Tweets

Scrapplet – Quick website creation

Personal Branding Blog

Amee – The Worlds energy meter

FeedJournal – Create your own RSS newspaper and print it!

FeedChronicle – Create your own RSS newspaper Online


It’s the beginning of the week so welcome to a bumper edition of Your Dose:


Guardian – Kangaroo offers to sacrifice joint selling of shows to achieve launch

Guardian – BBC Worldwide holds crucial talks with Woolworths backers over 2entertain

Mashable – Tweets to Go: 35+ More Twitter Resources for Your Phone

Mashable – Track Santa on Twitter

Guardian – Hallelujah! No 1 for Burke, and triple hit for Cohen

Guardian –Despite everything, 2008 proved to be the BBC’s year

Guardian – A life in broadcasting: The BBC

Guardian – Thunderbirds to be given TV revival

Guardian – Gavin & Stacey to return for third series


Gizmodo – Google Earth Leads Scientists to Undiscovered Forest, Brand New Species

PDA – Analyst: Music labels must get over their CD fixation

PDA – The world’s first dot com domains – back in 1985

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It’s the weekend (whoop!) – about 5 days to Christmas (whoop!) and I have another bumper edition for you (whoop!)….


BBC News – Dr New – is this the next Doctor?

BBC News – BBC iPlayer now available on Mac

Guardian – ITV axes Passage to India remake starring Matthew Macfadyen

Guardian – Stars urge fellow actors to sign up to Comic Relief’s ‘Taking on the Tough Stuff’ fundraiser

Guardian – Could Catherine Zeta-Jones be the next Doctor Who?

Guardian – Remember this guy?

Guardian – 100 top sites for the year ahead

CNET News – Adobe squeezes AIR out of beta for Linux users

The Wall Street Journal – How Apple Could Survive Without Steve Jobs

AdvertisingAge – Report: News-oriented Websites Have a Future

Mashable – YouTube Videos Are Becoming an Unwatchable Mess

Mashable – Beyond Facebook Gifts: Virtual Currencies 101

Mashable – Baby Blogging: 8 Trendy Tools Compared

Mashable – Custom Alerts Get Even Faster With Desktop AIR App

Mashable – Why Facebook Connect is a Big Deal: Workstir’s Winning Implementation

Guardian – Tipping point for digital radio switch over could be 2015, says report


PDA – BBC introduces CBBC iPlayer, plus beta Mac and Linux downloads

Technology  Blog – Sky moves towards 3D broadcasting as Hollywood moves towards 3D movies

Organgrinder – Jonathan Ross turns to Twitter for radio advice

PostSecret –

InsideGuardian – Turning official figures into understandable graphics, at the press of a button

PDA – Demand for music down in Q3; paid downloads grow a mere 2%

PDA – The outlook for 2009, as defined by Twitterers

Ruptured –

Another day…another dose…


Guardian – ‘Web ad spend growth to dive in 2009’

Guardian – Channel 4: Government looks at four options to solve funding crisis

Guardian – Poke in the eye: couple served repossession papers on Facebook

BBC News – Hallelujah set for chart trinity

Guardian – Virgin Media stands by targeted ad technology

Guardian – BBC and Fox take flight for blockbuster drama series

Guardian – Hallelujah set to be a Christmas No 1 and 2

Daily Mail – Crumbs! A single mince pie ‘takes a four-mile slog to burn off’


PDA – EMI launches personalised music discovery site for direct-to-fan retail

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