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A double dose you for you lucky people!

Mashable – Social Music: 5 Essential Tools for Marketing Your Band – How Channel 4 News’ ‘personality’ shapes its web philosophy

Mashable – Integrated Twitter Search is Coming; Do You Already Use It?

Mashable – HOW TO GUIDE: 60+ Great How To Sites and Resources

MediaGuardian – Jobless men to do ‘full monty’ for Sky1

MediaGuardian – Diet Coke uses Brit awards to launch Duffy ad

MediaGuardian – BBC reduces value of package for staff moving from London to Salford

New York Times – Do We Need a New Internet?

NewMediaAge – MTV brings music video venture to UK

PDA – Newsbucket

FutureScape – Nine ways to fund your Web show – part 3

BroadcastNow – ITV1 revives 2007 dating show

BroadcastNow – Gay and lesbian web TV platform to launch

Online Journalism Blog – Online journalism lesson 2: blogging

Gizmodo – New Pico Projectors Offer DVD-Quality Resolution

Gizmodo – Swordfish Motorcycle Concept Imagines Our Hubless Wheeled Future

Publishing 2.0 – Announcing Digital Sunlight: Publish2’s Platform for Collaborative Journalism

MediaGuardian – Government seeks advice from main media players in PSB revolution

MediaGuardian – ITV must be less UK-centric to survive, says Lee Bartlett

PDA – BBC’s RAD Lab brews TV and radio recommendation tool

PDA – Newsbucket

Mashable – Facebook Connect Makes Gist’s Power Networking Service a Reality [Invites]

BroadcastNow – Broadcast 20 Feb: Fast turnaround docs

BroadcastNow – C4/BBC joint venture takes shape

BroadcastNow – Panasonic unveils budget 10-bit camcorder


Another day, another dolla, another dose….

Mashable – The Science of ReTweets

Mashable – Build and Monetize Multiple Sites in Minutes With DevHub

PDA – Britain’s young people want music more than sex – but for free

Gizmodo – This Electric Car (Concept) Is Controlled by an iPhone

TechCrunch – Filtrbox Raises $1.4 Million, Launches Revamped Market Intelligence Tool

Online Journalism Blog – New York Times lets users build things with its content (open API)

TechCrunch – Medpedia’s Health Platform Could Be Just What The Doctor Ordered – Interesting links for Monday

You know what Wednesday means………another dose!


TechCrunch – Gigulate is a ‘Techmeme for music news, meets tickets’ – 500 invites for TechCrunch readers

NewMediaAge – Bebo launches tools to build mobile social networks

Guardian Technology – Tech Weekly: The Digital Britain report, the government and new media

BBCNews – Broadcasters’ Kangaroo tied down

Guardian Culture – Watch this

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PDA – Newsbucket

Another day..another dose….


Guardian Music – How the fanzine refused to die – Should citizen-journalists be paid?

MediaGuardian – James Murdoch takes GlaxoSmithKline role

Culture Guardian – Those bras were made for burning

TechCrunch – UK’s Directgov Giving A Run For Its Money

Hitwise – Twitter traffic increases 10-fold in a year

TechCrunch – AdventureDrop’s Beta Version Not Very Adventurous

TechCrunch – As snow hits the UK the Twitter mashups storm in

TechCrunch – Twitter use in the UK explodes by ten times says Hitwise


PDA –‘Long Tail’ author Anderson: Free doesn’t work as a standalone business model

Gadgetlab – Nokia’s Location Sensor Concept ‘Keychains’ To Lead Hybrid LBS

PDA – Newsbucket


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PDA – Elevator Pitch: 123webtv wants to simplify the search for online TV

PDA – Newsbucket

Mashable – The Top 10 Social Networks for Generation-Y

Guardian Technology – Internet review: Bandstand Busking

Two days in one post – aren’t you a lucky lot!


Guardian – Obama online team hired to help fight BNP

TechCrunch – Kevin Rose: 10 Ways To Increase Your Twitter Followers

MediaGuardian – Current TV hires former Sky1 controller James Baker

MediaGuardian – A new broadcasting beast

Guardian – ‘Paint me devil dog’

MediaGuardian – New media moguls

Mashable – The Art of Arguing, Visualized

BBCNews – Why celebrities love Twittering

Technology Guardian – Love music? Hate exploitation? Now’s the time to make your voice heard

The Equity Kicker – Some challenges facing the venture industry – Exclusive: to Debut In-Stream Commercials during Live Inauguration Coverage; Could be “Most Watched Event in Internet History”

BBC Newsbeat – Band blogs rise in popularity


Gizmodo – 1951 Article Promises ‘Helicopters for Everybody’ (So Long As You’re Male)

PDA – Exciting models for the future – but will they pay?

PDA – Elevator Pitch: Wipspace’s web home for professional creative projects

PDA – PDA’s Newsbucket

Gizmodo – The World Map In Domains

GadgetLabs – Why Cloud Computing Still Doesn’t Work and How Google Will Fix it

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A small weekend dose for you….

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TechCrunch – How Obama Will Use Web Technology

Mashable – How Should President Obama Use Twitter?

Guardian Technology – Websites ‘must be saved for history’

Guardian Technology – Internet review: Celebwitter

Guardian Technology – Google plans to make PCs history


Gizmodo – Red Tape, Greed Blocking Widespread U.S. Cell Phone Credit Card Transactions


E4 Skins – Music guide: series 3, episode 1

It’s the beginning of the week so welcome to a bumper edition of Your Dose:


Guardian – Kangaroo offers to sacrifice joint selling of shows to achieve launch

Guardian – BBC Worldwide holds crucial talks with Woolworths backers over 2entertain

Mashable – Tweets to Go: 35+ More Twitter Resources for Your Phone

Mashable – Track Santa on Twitter

Guardian – Hallelujah! No 1 for Burke, and triple hit for Cohen

Guardian –Despite everything, 2008 proved to be the BBC’s year

Guardian – A life in broadcasting: The BBC

Guardian – Thunderbirds to be given TV revival

Guardian – Gavin & Stacey to return for third series


Gizmodo – Google Earth Leads Scientists to Undiscovered Forest, Brand New Species

PDA – Analyst: Music labels must get over their CD fixation

PDA – The world’s first dot com domains – back in 1985

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It’s the weekend (whoop!) – about 5 days to Christmas (whoop!) and I have another bumper edition for you (whoop!)….


BBC News – Dr New – is this the next Doctor?

BBC News – BBC iPlayer now available on Mac

Guardian – ITV axes Passage to India remake starring Matthew Macfadyen

Guardian – Stars urge fellow actors to sign up to Comic Relief’s ‘Taking on the Tough Stuff’ fundraiser

Guardian – Could Catherine Zeta-Jones be the next Doctor Who?

Guardian – Remember this guy?

Guardian – 100 top sites for the year ahead

CNET News – Adobe squeezes AIR out of beta for Linux users

The Wall Street Journal – How Apple Could Survive Without Steve Jobs

AdvertisingAge – Report: News-oriented Websites Have a Future

Mashable – YouTube Videos Are Becoming an Unwatchable Mess

Mashable – Beyond Facebook Gifts: Virtual Currencies 101

Mashable – Baby Blogging: 8 Trendy Tools Compared

Mashable – Custom Alerts Get Even Faster With Desktop AIR App

Mashable – Why Facebook Connect is a Big Deal: Workstir’s Winning Implementation

Guardian – Tipping point for digital radio switch over could be 2015, says report


PDA – BBC introduces CBBC iPlayer, plus beta Mac and Linux downloads

Technology  Blog – Sky moves towards 3D broadcasting as Hollywood moves towards 3D movies

Organgrinder – Jonathan Ross turns to Twitter for radio advice

PostSecret –

InsideGuardian – Turning official figures into understandable graphics, at the press of a button

PDA – Demand for music down in Q3; paid downloads grow a mere 2%

PDA – The outlook for 2009, as defined by Twitterers

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