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A tuesday dose….

MediaGuardian – Facebook and Bebo risk ‘infantilising’ the human mind

MediaGuardian – TV ratings: British Law & Order debut arrests 6m viewers

MediaGuardian – Lily Allen’s Q photoshoot

PDA – Newsbucket

FutureScape – Web show news: live dating format and crowdsourcing a show

Online Journalism Blog – Writing/producing for the web: BASIC principles of online journalism (Online journalism lesson #3)


It’s the weekend (whoop!) – about 5 days to Christmas (whoop!) and I have another bumper edition for you (whoop!)….


BBC News – Dr New – is this the next Doctor?

BBC News – BBC iPlayer now available on Mac

Guardian – ITV axes Passage to India remake starring Matthew Macfadyen

Guardian – Stars urge fellow actors to sign up to Comic Relief’s ‘Taking on the Tough Stuff’ fundraiser

Guardian – Could Catherine Zeta-Jones be the next Doctor Who?

Guardian – Remember this guy?

Guardian – 100 top sites for the year ahead

CNET News – Adobe squeezes AIR out of beta for Linux users

The Wall Street Journal – How Apple Could Survive Without Steve Jobs

AdvertisingAge – Report: News-oriented Websites Have a Future

Mashable – YouTube Videos Are Becoming an Unwatchable Mess

Mashable – Beyond Facebook Gifts: Virtual Currencies 101

Mashable – Baby Blogging: 8 Trendy Tools Compared

Mashable – Custom Alerts Get Even Faster With Desktop AIR App

Mashable – Why Facebook Connect is a Big Deal: Workstir’s Winning Implementation

Guardian – Tipping point for digital radio switch over could be 2015, says report


PDA – BBC introduces CBBC iPlayer, plus beta Mac and Linux downloads

Technology  Blog – Sky moves towards 3D broadcasting as Hollywood moves towards 3D movies

Organgrinder – Jonathan Ross turns to Twitter for radio advice

PostSecret –

InsideGuardian – Turning official figures into understandable graphics, at the press of a button

PDA – Demand for music down in Q3; paid downloads grow a mere 2%

PDA – The outlook for 2009, as defined by Twitterers

Ruptured –

One more dose – just for you…


Guardian – Bebo and RDF team up for online show


PDA – We’re internet dependent. Did we need Yahoo’s research to tell us that?


Internet Addictions Test

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Yes, I know what your thinking…it’s Friday and the weekend is upon us!. So its time to sit down, relax and feast your eyes on some interesting stories……


MacRumors – Apple Exploring 3D Desktop and Application Interfaces

BBC – Brit Awards tip top rising star

MediaGuardian – BBC pilots iPlayer content sharing with Telegraph Media Group

MediaGuardian – Wallace and Gromit star in BBC1 Christmas idents


BBC – Canvas and the connected home

WIRED:Gadgetlab – Tag Your House With UV-based Temporary Grafitti

WIRED:Gadgetlab – Producer Directs Video via Webcam

WIRED:Gadgetlab – European Retailer Using RFID to Improve Customer Service

OrganGrinder  – Never Mind the Buzzcocks: Who was the best guest team captain?


I love photography, so its great to find a website to help you get the picture you want.


Customise a Jellybean – AMAZING!


Convert files  – Brilliant!


Online shopping organizing….really needed this time of year.

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Some interesting Articles, Websites and Blog…….

My highlight of the day has to be the Coke adverts – Gets me into a Christmas mood!




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