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Its been a while, but you lucky lot have 2 days for one! Enjoy the dose….


MediaGuardian – Virgin Media viewers to get ITV shows including The X Factor on catch-up

Mashable – TwtApps Offers Beautiful Simplicity: Twtcard, Twtpoll, and Twtvite

eMarketer – Seven Predictions for 2009

Econsultancy – Silicon Valley’s irrational focus on ‘disruptive technologies’ – Hubdub’s news pundit winners: who got it most right and most wrong?

Publishing 2.0 – The Problem of Media Economics: Value Equations Have Radically Changed

Gigaom – True Lies of Music Industry

Gigaom – Why the Consumer Electronics Show is Going Greener in 2009

BBC Click – Webcam brings users to life in 3D

BBCNews – Windows 7’s new features

BBCNews – Windows Live’s new features

BBCNews – Little Boots tops music tips list

MediaGuardian – Freesat now in 200,000 UK homes

MediaGuardian – BBC, ITV and BT plan broadband Freeview service

MediaGuardian – Turn on, tune in, and log on to MySpace

MediaGuardian – Skins series three: Meet the new characters

Mashable – Google Maps: 100+ Best Tools and Mashups

MediaGuardian – The death of the bonnet: BBC to overhaul costume dramas

Mashable – 10 Most Common Misconceptions About User Experience Design


Guardian Technology Blog – Ballmer’s CES debut: the post-match report

PDA – Reviews site Yelp is coming to the UK – and bringing the parties

Buzzmachines – Inventions and opportunities lost

PDA – Social TV coming soon: iPlayer on boxee, MySpace on telly


Hubdub – Predicting News

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One more dose – just for you…


Guardian – Bebo and RDF team up for online show


PDA – We’re internet dependent. Did we need Yahoo’s research to tell us that?


Internet Addictions Test

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Top of 2008 Lists:

Organgrinder Blog – The Top 10 viral ads of 2008

Organgrinder Blog – The worst TV ads of 2008

TV Drama:

MediaGuardian – Ridley Scott firm makes BBC2 teen series based on Greek myths

MediaGuardian – Neve Campbell and James Purefoy to star in new NBC drama


N-Dubz – OUCH – It has the classic comedy line – “My Name is Schiqua and What?”  – it was mentioned on Never Mind the Buzzcocks to –

A really funny banned advert for an insurance company – Eve and Gay Adam


I love looking at concept cars and peoples ideas for the future.So when i found this website at work i had to share. Maybe one day cars will actually look like this…

Volkswagen Cars – 2028

I found this through someone elses delicious page, but wish I had known about it sooner. They are talking about all the new TV dramas for 2009 -Awesome!

Television – Tubetalk – DigitalSpy

My and my friend were talking about how good this would be last night. Being able to watch full gigs online – and we found it!

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My highlight of the day has to be the Coke adverts – Gets me into a Christmas mood!




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