A double dose you for you lucky people!

Mashable – Social Music: 5 Essential Tools for Marketing Your Band

Journalism.co.uk – How Channel 4 News’ ‘personality’ shapes its web philosophy

Mashable – Integrated Twitter Search is Coming; Do You Already Use It?

Mashable – HOW TO GUIDE: 60+ Great How To Sites and Resources

MediaGuardian – Jobless men to do ‘full monty’ for Sky1

MediaGuardian – Diet Coke uses Brit awards to launch Duffy ad

MediaGuardian – BBC reduces value of package for staff moving from London to Salford

New York Times – Do We Need a New Internet?

NewMediaAge – MTV brings music video venture to UK

PDA – Newsbucket

FutureScape – Nine ways to fund your Web show – part 3

BroadcastNow – ITV1 revives 2007 dating show

BroadcastNow – Gay and lesbian web TV platform to launch

Online Journalism Blog – Online journalism lesson 2: blogging

Gizmodo – New Pico Projectors Offer DVD-Quality Resolution

Gizmodo – Swordfish Motorcycle Concept Imagines Our Hubless Wheeled Future

Publishing 2.0 – Announcing Digital Sunlight: Publish2’s Platform for Collaborative Journalism

MediaGuardian – Government seeks advice from main media players in PSB revolution

MediaGuardian – ITV must be less UK-centric to survive, says Lee Bartlett

PDA – BBC’s RAD Lab brews TV and radio recommendation tool

PDA – Newsbucket

Mashable – Facebook Connect Makes Gist’s Power Networking Service a Reality [Invites]

BroadcastNow – Broadcast 20 Feb: Fast turnaround docs

BroadcastNow – C4/BBC joint venture takes shape

BroadcastNow – Panasonic unveils budget 10-bit camcorder


Another day, another dolla, another dose….

Mashable – The Science of ReTweets

Mashable – Build and Monetize Multiple Sites in Minutes With DevHub

PDA – Britain’s young people want music more than sex – but for free

Gizmodo – This Electric Car (Concept) Is Controlled by an iPhone

TechCrunch – Filtrbox Raises $1.4 Million, Launches Revamped Market Intelligence Tool

Online Journalism Blog – New York Times lets users build things with its content (open API)

TechCrunch – Medpedia’s Health Platform Could Be Just What The Doctor Ordered

andydickinson.net – Interesting links for Monday

More great articles for you…

MediaGuardian – Friends Reunited worth as little as £20m, say City analysts

BroadcastNow – Video: Discovery Channel unveils rebrand

BroadcastNow – Ten Alps heralds ‘creative success’

Guardian Business – Digital dividend ‘should be used to bring broadband to remote areas’

BBCNews – Streets and Basement Jaxx join Fest

Ben Stirlings Blog – Technology in plain english

andydickinson.net – Weekend reading

Mashable – Most Mashable: Popular Social Media Stories This Week

Mashable – HOW TO: Create Groups for Twitter

MediaGuardian – Blood-letting at ITV

Lots of Links for your….3 days worth!

andydickinson.net – Interesting links for Friday

E4 Skins – Music guide: series 3, episode 4

MediaGuardian – How TV ads are taking the net by storm

Gizmodo  – Downloadable Dashboard Apps for Cars Coming in 2010

Technology Guardian – Life is tweet: How the Twitter family infiltrated our cultural world

PDA  – Newsbucket

Journalism2.0 – What do we call this new form of journalism and media?

Mediashift – 7 Ways To Keep Costs Low, Content Fresh Using Social Media

Mashable – HOW TO: Attract and Engage Social Media Moms

TechCrunch – Xoopit Marries Facebook Status Updates With Gmail

TechCrunch – The Death Of “Web 2.0″

BroadcastNow – Video: Broadcast Awards 09

BroadcastNow – ITV launches new Tarrant gameshow online

PDA – London Twestival: Wigs, beer and hotpants at a very real world meet-up

BroadcastNow – BBC1’s Ladies move to March

Online Journalism Blog – Twitter for beginners (slideshow)

Common Platform – Five open source ideas to inspire a meeting

NewMediaAge – BBC to create preferred list of agencies to run interactions with audience

NewMediaAge – What’s next for online TV?

PopJunkie – Ultimate list of bands on Twitter – Billy Bragg, Coldplay, Yoko Ono and more

EpicCentre – You Are What Google Says You Are

Mashable – Get Your Favorite Tweets as T-Shirts

Mashable – Personal Branding 102: How to Communicate & Maintain Your Brand

Mashable – Confirmed: YouTube Adding Downloads, Including For-Pay

PDA – Newsbucket

MediaGuardian – ITV delays single dramas in downturn

TechCrunch – Looks Like Facebook Just Took The Top Spot Among Social Media Sites

Guardian Music – Twitter ye not

MediaGuardian – Collins looks to Bebo generation for ‘piff’ ideas for new dictionary

andydickinson.net – A Process and content checklist

dot.life – Spotify versus last.fm

BroadcastNow – Poker Channel deals out live stream





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It’s nearly the weekend…so another dose for you…expertly gathered by myself.

Mashable – 3 Ways to Harness the Social

BroadcastNow – Channel 4 orders ‘Grand Designs for gardens’

BroadcastNow – ITV vows ‘iced’ dramas will go out this year

PDA – The royal website: Now with Queen-tracker map and corgi updates

Online Journalism Blog – Starting a blog? 12 ideas for blog posts

Mediashift – Budding Journalists Use Twitter, Blogs to Open Doors

Journalism.co.uk – A local Twitter tool for local journalists

GadgetLab – Compass and Camera Used in Innovative Location-based Apps for G1

TechCrunch – Google Book Settlement Site Is Up; Paying Authors $60 Per Scanned Book

PDA – Newsbucket

Mashable –HOW TO: Monetize Your Site With Video

Technology Guardian – Are celebrities good for the future of the Twitterverse?

andydickinson.net –Interesting links for Wednesday

More dose – age for you…..

BroadcastNow – Mint and Maverick play cupid

BroadcastNow – Moving Wallpaper moving forward

Gizmodo – Apocalyptic Projected Waterlines Depict a City Underwater

MediaGuardian – Lost in Austen to be Hollywood film

FutureScape – Nine ways to fund your Web show – part 2

10,000 Words – Multimedia… but why?

PaidContent UK – Men Are From iPlayer, Women Are From Google: Research

Beet.TV – Hold the Presses: The Subscription Model Works for Online Video (Major League Baseball, at least)

PDA – Newsbucket

Mashable – 6 Gadget Trends and Their Effects on Social Media


MediaGuardian – Noel Edmonds ‘not paid a penny’ for Sky1 show

TechCrunch – Tvinci Raises $1.6 Million For Custom Internet TV Solutions

Mashable – Why Every Company is a Media Company

Guardian: Ethical Living Blog – lug in. Turn on. Tune up. Google helps consumers check their energy use

andydickinson.net – The ethics of direction in video

andydickinson.net – Interesting stuff for Tuesday

The best from Tuesday…..

PDA – C4’s new video-on-demand play coming next month: Web streams, minus the Kangaroo

BBCNews – Theatre ticket giveaway launched

Hitwise – Twitter enters top 100 sites; UK traffic has trebled already in 2009

VentureBeat – Facebook and Twitter: There’s blood everywhere, but no one’s dying

NewMediaAge – Teenagers spend over 30 hours a week online

NYTimes – Why Television Still Shines in a World of Screens

PDA – Newsbucket

GadegetLab – Contact Lens Could Bring TV Into Future Eyes

andydickinson.net – Interesting stuff for Monday

Mashable – Social Music: Top 5 Sites to Build a Playlist

Mashable – Tweetups Can’t Touch Facebook Flashmobs

It’s Monday and as usual here is a BUMPER dose for you!

Journalism.co.uk – Bloggers need new ways of organising themselves, argues Clay Shirky

AppleInsider – Apple planning connected television, Apple TV with DVR – report

PDA – Newsbucket

Beet.tv – Ensequence Interactive TV to Reach Half of Television Homes This Year

MediaGuardian – Fox to air US remake of Outnumbered

Mashable – The Most Mashable Social Media Stories This Week

Mashable – HOW TO: Live Inside Twitter and Still Stay Productive

BBCNews – In pictures: Grammy Awards 2009

NewsWeeks – Time to Hang Up the Pajamas

Inhabitat – TWEET-A-WATT! A Power Monitor That Twitters Your Energy Use

Two days late, but here is a dose from Friday!

BroadcastNow – Torchwood trailer released

Successful Blogging Tips – Article Marketing Is Important

Successful Bloggin Tips – The Whole Concept Behind Internet Marketing Articles

FutureScape – Nine ways to fund your Web show – part 1

NewMediaAge – Bebo to launch revamped site this month

Mashable – Personal Branding 101: How to Discover and Create Your Brand

BBCNews – British stars lead Grammy charge


Futurescape – Futurescape reports

Futurescape – Web show news: Twittering sci-fi, transmedia, Microsoft comedy

Beet.tv – What is Cloud Computing, Microsoft’s Dan’l Lewin Explains

Guardian Environment – Library of the future?


Epiccentre – TED Interview: Tribes Author Says People, Not Ads, Build Social Networks

PDA – Newsbucket

Gizmodo – Art: Tetris Bricks Falling in an Alley

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