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A good dose for you I must say…

DigitaSpy – Channel 4, Sundance renew ‘Abbey Road’

Gizmodo – Flexible, Cuttable ViVid Screen Turns Any Window Into an Obnoxious Video Advertising Display

PDA – Sky News appoints Twitter correspondent…

GadgetLab – Beautiful, Indestructible Paper Bags

Gizmodo – Our Favorite Lifehacker Posts of the Week

TechCrunch – Joost Continues Fight For Relevancy, Teams Up With Social Network Netlog

Mashable – YouTube in Numbers: 1 Month, 100 Million US Viewers, 6.3 Billion Videos

NewMediaAge – BBC expands social media strategy via personalisation

NewMediaAge – Social networkers happy to interact with brands – Online Video News Is Surging: YouTube News Views up 600 Percent

Webware – How Twitter replaced my RSS reader

PDA – Newsbucket

BroadcastNow – Multiplatform briefs 6 March

TechCrunch – Facebook’s Response To Twitter

TechCrunch – It’s Time To Start Thinking Of Twitter As A Search Engine

Mashable – Omniture Adds Twitter Analytics for Brands

Mashable – Track More Than 1 Billion Social Media Conversations With Techrigy

Mashable – Loopt’s Updated iPhone App Helps You Find Your Friends

Mashable – New Facebook Pages: A Guide for Social Media Marketers

BroadcastNow – C4’s Duncan: TV won’t bounce back for years

BroadcastNow – Toyboize transfers to TV as Dave picks up rights

EthicalLiving blog – Ten big green ideas from the Geneva Motor Show

Guardian Technology – Nanotechnology goes to war

Guardian Technology – Forget films – developers are tearing up the script

Hitwise – Facebook the most searched for brand in the UK


A double dose for you all!

DigitalSpy – ‘Being Human’ ends run with 822,000

DigitalSpy – ITV commissions crime drama, comedy drama

DigitalSpy – Piper to play single mum in ITV drama

BBCNews – Q&A: The future for ITV viewers

PDA – ITV abandons digital – great news for startups?

GadgetLab – CeBit 2009: Attack of the BLOBbox

TechCrunch – Two Twitter Games That Help Make Your Day Less Boring: @TwitBrain And @BeatMyTweet

Guardian – Path cleared for BT’s superfast broadband

Media Guardian – Former BBC chairman derides plans for new public service broadcaster

Technology Blog – Write the Fake Digital Britain report – it might get used

MT – Hacks – Realtime Twitter Search Results on Google

Gizmodo – 2010 Toyota Prius Features Clever ‘Touch Tracer’ Display

Gizmodo – Image of the Day: Gigantic Timekeeping

TechCrunch – Facebook Connect + Facebook Ads = A Social Ad Network

PDA – Newsbucket

Mashable – Skittles Swaps Homepage from Twitter Search to Facebook Page

Mashable – 85+ Tools & Resources for Freelancers and Web Workers

Mashable – Tatango to Broadcast Its Every Move With 24×7 Live Video

MacRumors – Amazon Releases Free ‘Kindle for iPhone’ Application

BroadcastNow – Nominees: RTS Awards 2009

PDA – The world’s innovation hubs, mapped out

informITV – Oil Studios brings slick production to multiple platforms

informITV – Consumers want cable channels on their computers

BroadcastNow – Life on Mars US axed – Google’s “It Girl” Marissa Mayer Profiled in the The New Times

paidContent:UK – Ad Buyers Warm To Spotify As It Hits Million-User Mark

Guardian – The golden Allegro age

Guardian – The Twitterati and the twits

Mashable – 10 Ning Networks to Help You Land Your Next Job

Mashable – Twitter CEO Evan Williams Interviewed on Charlie Rose [Video]

PDA – Newsbucket


Bigger and better than yesterday….

DigitalSpy – CW renews ‘Supernatural’, ‘Smallville’, more

BBCNews – Museum lovers’ social networking

TechnologyBlog – Moo’s move: opening a US office

PDA – Newsbucket

TechCrunch – Paid Search Just Got Visual: SearchMe Launches AdView Beta (Free Ads For First 500 Signups)

Mashable – YouTube Adds Social Features to API

Gizmodo – Tunnel with 40,000 LEDs Is the Closest You’ll Ever Get to Light Speed

A tuesday dose….

MediaGuardian – Facebook and Bebo risk ‘infantilising’ the human mind

MediaGuardian – TV ratings: British Law & Order debut arrests 6m viewers

MediaGuardian – Lily Allen’s Q photoshoot

PDA – Newsbucket

FutureScape – Web show news: live dating format and crowdsourcing a show

Online Journalism Blog – Writing/producing for the web: BASIC principles of online journalism (Online journalism lesson #3)

It’s Monday and so another dose to start off your week!  – Interesting links for Monday

TechCrunch – Microsoft Research: A Look At The Intriguing Social Desktop Prototype

Mashable – 9 Must-Try Adobe AIR Apps for Better Productivity

BroadcastNow – TV hunt book deals for key brands

PDA – Lifestream: Bebo’s new social media aggregation tool

MediaGuardian – ‘It’s the future of advertising, of everything’

BroadcastNow – Oscars 09: Winners

BBCNews – Law & Order gets UK makeover

MediaGuardian – Question of the week

Mashable – HOW TO: Deal With Social Media Conflict

Only 6 links for you this weekend – i know….whats up with the good news?

Gizmodo – Siftables Intelligent Blocks Look Like the Future of Interactive UI Design For Kids

Gizmodo – Tron 2 Vehicle Designer Daniel Simon Is an Intergalactic Hardware Visionary

PDA – Newsbucket

Technology Guardian – Hysteria and hype surround online TV

Mashable – Does Social Media Make Us Better People?

Digital Spy – ‘Dollhouse’: The Verdict

It’s Friday so another dose for you…

Mashable – Why Big Brands Struggle With Social Media – BBC trials News Radar project – how to see the ‘whole’ BBC news site

TechCrunch – The Top 21 Twitter Clients (According To TwitStat)

PDA – Newsbucket

Mashable – 82 Million User-Generated Content Creators and Counting

Mashable – Facebook Connect Adds a Cut-and-Paste Comments Widget

BroadcastNow – Web drama moving to C4

Gizmodo – Third Eye Video Camera Is Perfect For Spies, Other Surreptitious Recording

TechCrunch – The Top 21 Twitter Applications (According to Compete)

Another day, another dolla, another dose….

Mashable – The Science of ReTweets

Mashable – Build and Monetize Multiple Sites in Minutes With DevHub

PDA – Britain’s young people want music more than sex – but for free

Gizmodo – This Electric Car (Concept) Is Controlled by an iPhone

TechCrunch – Filtrbox Raises $1.4 Million, Launches Revamped Market Intelligence Tool

Online Journalism Blog – New York Times lets users build things with its content (open API)

TechCrunch – Medpedia’s Health Platform Could Be Just What The Doctor Ordered – Interesting links for Monday

More great articles for you…

MediaGuardian – Friends Reunited worth as little as £20m, say City analysts

BroadcastNow – Video: Discovery Channel unveils rebrand

BroadcastNow – Ten Alps heralds ‘creative success’

Guardian Business – Digital dividend ‘should be used to bring broadband to remote areas’

BBCNews – Streets and Basement Jaxx join Fest

Ben Stirlings Blog – Technology in plain english – Weekend reading

Mashable – Most Mashable: Popular Social Media Stories This Week

Mashable – HOW TO: Create Groups for Twitter

MediaGuardian – Blood-letting at ITV

Lots of Links for your….3 days worth! – Interesting links for Friday

E4 Skins – Music guide: series 3, episode 4

MediaGuardian – How TV ads are taking the net by storm

Gizmodo  – Downloadable Dashboard Apps for Cars Coming in 2010

Technology Guardian – Life is tweet: How the Twitter family infiltrated our cultural world

PDA  – Newsbucket

Journalism2.0 – What do we call this new form of journalism and media?

Mediashift – 7 Ways To Keep Costs Low, Content Fresh Using Social Media

Mashable – HOW TO: Attract and Engage Social Media Moms

TechCrunch – Xoopit Marries Facebook Status Updates With Gmail

TechCrunch – The Death Of “Web 2.0″

BroadcastNow – Video: Broadcast Awards 09

BroadcastNow – ITV launches new Tarrant gameshow online

PDA – London Twestival: Wigs, beer and hotpants at a very real world meet-up

BroadcastNow – BBC1’s Ladies move to March

Online Journalism Blog – Twitter for beginners (slideshow)

Common Platform – Five open source ideas to inspire a meeting

NewMediaAge – BBC to create preferred list of agencies to run interactions with audience

NewMediaAge – What’s next for online TV?

PopJunkie – Ultimate list of bands on Twitter – Billy Bragg, Coldplay, Yoko Ono and more

EpicCentre – You Are What Google Says You Are

Mashable – Get Your Favorite Tweets as T-Shirts

Mashable – Personal Branding 102: How to Communicate & Maintain Your Brand

Mashable – Confirmed: YouTube Adding Downloads, Including For-Pay

PDA – Newsbucket

MediaGuardian – ITV delays single dramas in downturn

TechCrunch – Looks Like Facebook Just Took The Top Spot Among Social Media Sites

Guardian Music – Twitter ye not

MediaGuardian – Collins looks to Bebo generation for ‘piff’ ideas for new dictionary – A Process and content checklist – Spotify versus

BroadcastNow – Poker Channel deals out live stream





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