Another dose of some interesting articles from the web today, some of them have been found on other sites, some of them have been shown to me by colleagues and Friends……but have a look and enjoy!


BBC – IWF backs down on Wiki censorship

Last week the IWF took a really strange move by censoring a webpage tot he the UK internet user….and from a public site such as Wikipedia! But now they have reversed it….

Media Guardian – The web’s T-shirt economy

Could Tshirt and Merchandise save our economy or a new business?

Media Guardian – ITV website revamp to push social networking and focus on top shows

ITV might finally make there website more media friendly and interesting!

Media Guardian – Online Radio Boom

I always listen to my radio online – I’m a big Radio One fan….

Media Guardian – How iPlayer will become our player for your friends

BBC iPlayer is my favourite way to catch on TV, and it is the only one that works on my mac a the moment. As always with the Beeb they have some grand plan to push things forward and I am totally 100% behind this!

Media Guardian – Google Book Search expands to magazines

Google do some really cool and interesting things to help us find out more…

Media Guardian – And lo, for Google did pass down its Zeitgeist of the most-searched terms of 2008

Google list of the most used search terms in 2008 – always worth a read…



My post yesterday showed you some famous Coca Cola adds, and especially the Christmas one…..well a friend of mine sent me this link to a song on YouTube which is the theme to this well known Chirstmas advert…

And about the tragic story of the women who sung it….


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